Winning recipes from round 1 of Cook of the Week Challenge

Sep 20, 2011|

 The winners from the first phase of round 1 competition from Cook of the Week Challenge are:  Jamie Andrade and Oscar Menoyo.  Andrades Root Beer Glazed Round Steak Braciole with Roasted Potatoes won over the judges in the Gales Root beer recipe challenge.  Menoyos Barbecued Kungpao Chicken Thighs with Kohlrabi- Apple Slaw and Split Pea Dal was a judges favorite in the Yings Kitchen Kungpao Sauce challenge.  Both of these cooks will advance to round 2 of the Cook of the Week Challenge.  To read the judges comments about these recipes click here.

Last week the ingredients for phase 2 of round 1 competitions of Cook of the Week challenge were announced.  In the first competition the key ingredients:  Fisher Nut Chef's Natural Walnut Pieces, turkey breast, figs and quinoa.  The contestants: Donna Robertelli versus Cate Brusenbach.

In the first competition, Robertelli utilized the key ingredients to create Walnut Parmesan Encrusted Turkey Breast Over Quinoa Fig Pilaf.  Brusenbach created Turkey Rondel with Quinoa and Walnut Pesto. 

In the second competition the key ingredients: Fortune fish tilapia, cherries, butternut squash and brown rice.  The contestants: Michael Lalagos facing off against Ann Marie Nordby.

In competition two, Lalagos used the key ingredients to create Macadamia-Crusted Tilapia with Mango-Cherry Salsa with Black-eyed Pea Brown Rice and Butternut Squash Salad, , while Nordby created Tilapia with Cherry Sage Red Wine Reduction, Cheery Pecan Rice and Butternut Squash Soup.

The contestants will be judged by a panel of chefs and food professionals as well as reader votes.   You can view these recipes by going to

The next round of competitors will have the following mandatory ingredients:
Competition number 1- Rose Packing chorizo, spinach, yogurt and wonton wrappers
Competition number 2- Black Swan Barbecue Sauce, ground beef, Brussels sprouts and polenta.

Want to learn more about the Cook of the Week Challenge check out their Facebook page at


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