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The BUNN Community Outreach program encourages employees to become involved in volunteer philanthropic efforts in the community. Employees are given paid time off to volunteer for approved initiatives. In the 9 year history of the program, employees have volunteered over 77,000 hours of time.
As an organization BUNN is committed to the continuous development of employees. In 2012, BUNN introduced the Development Guild. The Guild is a group of employees selected through an application process. The Guild is dedicated to identifying and executing initiatives that can foster measurable improvements in the lives of the under-served population in the community and industry. Projects have included a commuity garden, delivering meals to seniors, remodeling not-for-pro t agencies and adopting a coffee farming community and school in Guatemala.
An integral part of the BUNN primary mission goes beyond simply ensuring employee job satisfaction. The organization is committed to enabling employees to lead productive, balanced lives for the betterment of families and communities. By equally fostering a dedication to people as well as overall company performance, a working culture exists that is rare
# of Years With a Company 11.75 yrs
in today’s business world: high rates of tenure are the norm rather than the exception.
5 yrs
National Average*
BUNN Average
* U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - Median years of tenure - Electrical and appliance manufacturing (2010)

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